Monday, December 07, 2009

GBP/JPY Reached 23.6% Retracement

The pair has retraced 23.6% of 139.26 to 149.14 at 146.81. There are several support level here, broken trendline and 38.2% level of 118.80 to 163.06 (blue Fib) at 146.16. Break of these support levels should target 50% and 61.8% level. On the upside, first resistance is the falling trendline before testing 149.14 high.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

GBP/JPY Near 113%, Cable Still In Range

Above is GBP/JPY 4 hour chart. It is pretty much the same with the one from the previous post. As expected, the pair went to 143.74 and tested 141 support again. However, it failed to break 141 area and reversed instead. The pair broken several resistance and now near 113% (yellow Fib) following the US unemployment release on Friday. Break of 113% (149.38) could bring the pair up to 23.6% level of 118.80 to 163.06 at 152.62. Failure to break this trendline could bring retracement to 146.20 area first, but I'll update on this since we don't see any sign of the top.

Cable had a perfect negative correlation with GBP/JPY after the NFP release. The pair broke the support trendline and reached 1.6430 (38.2% level) before closing the week at 1.6474. I expect another ranging moves between that S/R lines (see chart) next week, at least until UK interest rate announcement.