Thursday, September 09, 2010

What if...

Above is GBPJPY weekly chart. The pair depreciates again earlier today and bounced near 128.50. I drew three trendlines showing forecasted support and resistance. Now, let's imagine. What if this is where the fall since August last year ends? What if the price fail to break trendline number 1 and the last bottom at 126.73 will not be touched? What if this is where the uptrend starts? What if it reaches 139.xx in December? What if it continue to rise to 160.xx next year? By the way that is around 3050 pips from current price :p

But what if I'm wrong??? ;))

Friday, September 03, 2010

USD/CHF Near Support Trendline

Above is USD/CHF weekly chart. The pair is very close to touch the rising trendline connecting 2 previous extreme lows. I'm expecting candle reversal pattern over the next few weeks. Risk should be limited below the trendline, now at 1.0020/40 (about 115 pips from current price). The best thing about this setup, obviously, is the potential return.
There are so much room upside for this pair (1000 pips or more). If the trend does reverse, the likely target is the falling trendline connecting the highs. And, who knows..there might be a break above the resistance trendline ;)

Thursday, September 02, 2010

AUD/USD Target Reached

The pair reached target at 0.9078 and correction is expected (see previous AUD/USD post). First target is around 0.9026 and 0.8965 (near trendline) next. Stop should be above the previous high around 0.9115.

GBP/JPY Hidden Divergence

The pair did not bounce on the broken resistance and reach 129.16, about 35 pips from the previous low. Stochastic indicator shows hidden divergence at this current low, which mean a bullishi signal. Stop remains around 128.70/80, while target is around 131.12 and 131.65 next. Important high is at 133.59, therefore the pair might test that level if the bull is strong.

GBP/JPY Follow Up Post

The pair broke the resistance yesterday during the US session. The price is now making a return move, testing the broken resistance. I expect a second leg up toward 131.70/90 area before NFP. Visible stop is around 128.80. I hope move this to 129.70 area if the price does bounce after this.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

GBP/JPY Gonna Break Above?

The pair is currently consolidating between 130.35 and 128.63 following the fall from 133.59. At this point, we wait. If the price break above the resistance, the it is the double bottom pattern. The target would be around 131.40. If the support broken after ADP released, then the downtrend should least until Friday. Ok then lets see what happen in the next few minutes. Enjoy the show!